Pollution is the beginning of a waste into the atmosphere making it impossible to make life on earth possible to sustain.

Pollution harms the Earth’s environment and its people in many ways. Land pollution is pollution of the Earth’s natural land surface by industrial, commercial, domestic and agricultural activities. Some of the main contributions to land pollution are deforestation, construction debris, industrial factories etc. Air pollution is the accumulation of harmful substances into the atmosphere that danger human life and other living matter on the earth. The number one way to prevent air pollution is to walk or bike more and drive less. This will prevent fossil fuels from further polluting the air

Water pollution is the introduction of chemical, biological and physical matter into large bodies of water that corrupt the quality of life that lives in it and consumes it. Oil spills, household chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers are the major sources of water pollution. The best way to prevent water pollution is to not throw trash and other harmful chemicals into our water supplies because it causes harm to the rivers and lakes.

With Pollution in life, Earth is becoming disturbed; sooner or later causing dramatic changes in its surface. Nevertheless, Pollution is simultaneously endangering life in Earth. Pollution is becoming closer to put life on the threshold of death. These harmful actions have changed Earth, and they continue to do so today. Although pollution has harmful effects, it has provided us the life we have today; without it, we would not be here where we are. Pollution is a life killer, but also a life saver.

Technology, each day has been evolving to make this world a better place. Nowadays, technology is being cleaner to preserve Earth. Also, it has been cleaning Earth through water treatment plants, air purifiers, etc. Technology will progress over the years to make Earth a healthier living experience. As a nation we have to learn to respect and salute the environment. We as individuals live in this environment and it our soul responsibility to take care of it.