A Practical Guide To Save Nature

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You all know how man has misused and destroyed nature for the sake of material progress. Today all life on our planet is threatened through

· Atmospheric pollution

· Noise pollution

· Deforestation and many other dangers.

You can learn many simple ways in which you can contribute to help the nature. Work has begun in India and many other countries to repair the damage that man has done to nature. Your first step should be to keep your surroundings at home and outside neat and clean. When many of you do so, it can be a big help.

Save water by using only when it is necessary and use the minimum quantity needed for the task. This is necessary because water conservation plays a very big part in saving the environment. This is because if we use too much of groundwater, the water table goes down and all life suffers from too little water. Plant trees in groups or by you at home, school or in the neighborhood .More trees means more rains and more rains means more trees again.

Garbage is a big environmental hazard. It causes the whole area to smell and becomes a breeding ground for diseases bearing germs and mosquitoes. This leads to atmospheric and earth pollution.

We should learn to save paper by writing on both sides, avoiding large margins, using slates and blackboards for rough work, using all the pages in the notebooks before discarding them and avoiding overuse of tissues paper plates and cups. This is important to do because paper is made from wood pulp and so trees are cut in hundreds to make paper. By saving paper we are saving trees from getting destroyed.

Help keep your homes clean. Form groups and clean the school and your street with some guidance from teachers, parents and environmentalists. This is necessary because cleaner the surroundings the less the atmospheric pollution and better the health of the community.

If we make an effort to maintain compost pit to collect fallen leaves, uncooked food, at school or at home. A composite pit becomes a rich source of manure over time.

Save electricity by switching off unnecessary lights and fans and use electrical gadgets only when necessary. The energy conserved by saving electricity can be put to better use.

Help reduce noise pollution by listening to music and T.V at a low volume and by not buying or using too many noisy things like crackers and loud toys. If every one attempts this noise pollution will decrease and general health will certainly improve.

Never hurt animals or watch them being hurt. If you see any form of cruelty to animals report the act to animal welfare organizations. Balance in nature can be maintained if we respect all life forms.

Let us learn to become sensitive to the pain and suffering of all forms of life. Then alone can we live up to the true glory of being born as human beings.

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