Adopting An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Filed Under (Environmental Pollution) by admin on 02-06-2010

We as individuals live in an environment. No one can exist in a vacuum. The environment and the quality of our life are closely linked together. If the environment I is polluted then we also suffer. We have always had a symbiotic relationship with the environment, yet somewhere in the maze of materialism we seemingly have lost our traditional values and have taken the environment for granted. All our actions of commercialization have brutalized the environment.

The advances made by the mankind from the primitive to the modern times and from localized to the global consciousness, has cost us immensely. Now to conserve the purity of environment we have to start the process of regeneration. (i.e.) the process of repairing the environment without destroying the economy and improving the economy without destroying the environment.

Though the balance is not easy to strike, yet it is catching up around the world. Each country, community and individual is unique in itself, yet we need to generate their interest and consciousness and motivate them all towards working in the same direction.

In all areas of life we need to take a fresh look. World Environment Day is observed on 5th June. It has been successful to a certain extent to draw attention of people towards their own habitat and to emphasize their urgent need to change altitudes and behaviors. This is our earth, our future, we need to save it.

Growing population is creating tremendous pressure both on the land and the sea. Now we have to start a process of change which improves people’s quality of life while protecting the natural and the human resources and which future generation can also rely on. We have to start a holistic approach towards the entire problem. Renewable resources like fresh water, forests, top soil and marine fish stocks continue to be used at rates far beyond their natural rates of regeneration, a solution which is clearly miserable.

We in India have this very strange attitude of keeping our houses clean and ignore the dirt around our immediate neighborhood; in fact we also tend to add to that. Hence there is a need to spread awareness about keeping a clean environment. For this purpose we have to start with the younger generation. Everyone has to become aware of the environmental problems to control the pollution level. It has to be understood from the early age that caring for self is like caring for our own neighborhood, not battering around and controlling the noise pollution, maintaining our vehicles in good condition and using recycled materials as far as possible. Its time we take this step toward adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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