Adverse Effects Of Water Pollution

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The effects of water pollution are increasingly drawing the environment and human beings as well to feel the pinch of polluted water. Water pollution affects our, rivers, lakes, oceans and drinking water. With the increase in population and industrial development, demand for water has increased.

Water is getting polluted when chemicals, harmful contaminants are detected Human beings have the most crucial impact on our water resources. Moreover the need for water is far more in the society today than the quantity of water available. Some water pollution effects show up immediately where as others don’t show up for months or years.

The water pollution has damaged the food chain and is very important for the food preparation of plants through photosynthesis When Filth is thrown in water the toxins travel from the water and when the animals drink that water they get contaminated and when humans tend to eat the meat of the animals is infected by toxins it causes further damage to the humans.

Infectious diseases such as cholera and typhoid can be contracted from drinking contaminated water. Our whole body system can have a lot of harm if polluted water is consumed regularly. Other health problems associated with polluted water are poor blood pressure, vomiting, skin lesions and damage to the nervous system. In fact the evil effects of water pollution are said to be the leading cause of death of humans across the globe.

Pollutants in the water alter the over all chemistry of water, causing a lot of changes in temperature. These factors overall have had an adverse effect on marine life and pollutes and kills marine life. Marine life gets affected by the ecological balance in bodies of water, especially the rivers and the lakes.

Water pollution effects have a huge impact on the health of an individual and the environment as a whole. The balance between the nature and the humans can be protected and should be maintained .But t it will take efforts on all fronts by each and every individual from the society to prevent and eliminate water pollution locally and globally.

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