Air Pollution And Diseases.

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The diseases which multiply from one human being to a further human being are known as contagious diseases. The widespread cold, tuberculosis and whooping cough spread from one person to another through air. When an infected person coughs or sneezes the germs spread in the air. Always sneeze or cough into a handkerchief.

Pollution is an unwanted transform in the environment .It is caused by the let go or the addition of toxic substances in to the air, water or soil which might damage or kill the living organisms. The air surrounded us is contaminated by the release of smoke from cars, buses, lorries and factories. Some industries too are inclined to add heavy dust and poisonous chemicals to the air.

Air Pollution And Diseases Tobacco smoke: contains carbon monoxide; tar and nicotine which increases the risk of life threatening diseases such as heart attacks and can cause cancer.

Decomposing garbage and open sewers: Decomposing garbage gives out methane and open sewers emit hydrogen sulphide. Open garbage and sewers are breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies, germs and other harmful bacteria.

Poisonous gases: from factories and chemical plants cause respiratory diseases.

Acid Rain: When acidic gases dissolve in the moisture in the air, acids are formed. The acids fall on the earth as ‘acid rain’ and pollute the fresh water resources.

Mining activities: Rock particles, smelters, coal and mineral dust cause lung and respiratory ailments.

Carbon monoxide and lead: from exhausts of motor vehicles affect the brain and organs like kidney.

Ozone Depletion effect: CFCs destroy the protective ozone layer and let in harmful ultraviolet rays, causing skin cancer and affecting plant life.

Smoke from Burning fuels and oil rigs: Smoke is a mixture of soot and acidic gases. It causes global warming and impure air. Smoke contains harmful substances which causes cancer.

Green house effect: Increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to industrial activity and burning of fossil fuels traps more heat, changes the climate, melts the polar ice caps and submerges coastal areas.

Automobile exhaust: is one of the major sources of air pollution in big cities. The exhaust contains carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, lead, particulate matter and partially burned hydro carbons. They are called pollutants. All these pollutants are highly harmful to human health.

Asthma is caused by allergic reactions to pollutants in the air. Air pollution may show the way to several diseases in the human beings such as allergic reaction, asthma and lung diseases. Asbestosis is an allergic reaction to the occurrence of silica and asbestos in the air.

Plants suck in air in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Air pollution can be reduced by planting more trees in our neighborhood and being concerned of them.

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