Causes Of Noise Pollution

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Noise pollution is quiet a cause of death and much community concern has not been created on the untrustworthy effect of noise on both workers in the industries in particular and the public in the community in universal. Noise is a significant environmental contaminant that befouls our air, water and soil.

It has the capability to destroy bridges and develop cracks in the buildings. The noise can also cause skin and mental diseases. It has been exposed that noise is a technology generated problem and the on the whole noise doubles every 10 years keeping pace with our social and industrial progress.

Environmental pollution has been largely affected due to noise pollution with the rising of the sun each day. The noise pollution in the different parts of the city increases in and around work places and homes. The noise levels a peak in the twilight areas when people are off to work hours as traffic too reaches at peak. In India the problems caused by noise pollution are further provoked in view of the fact that there are scarcely any celebrations, festivals, marriage or religious functions where there is no use of loud speakers at a very high pitch for long period of time.

In offices too there is noise pollution owing to the clicking of typewriters, bells, telephones, clattering office machines and conversations. On the roads noise pollution occurs due to rising no of automobiles each day. Screeching of tyres, squealing breaks and sirens honking at highest decibels possible are all factors that add violently and at length to noise pollution.

Blaring televisions, radios and live shows are another major factors contributing t noise pollution in India. The other most important problem adding to the existing problem of noise pollution is that the profit-making and the industrial units are either not very far from the inhabited areas or from time to time they are setup in the residential areas itself.

To meet the demands of the basic requirement of living the structure of highways, buildings and city streets causes a lot of noise. Air compressors, bulldozers, loaders, dump trucks and concrete workers are the major sources of noise pollution in construction sites. Though, not a most important reason industrial noise adds to the noise pollution.

Machinery, motors and compressors used in the industries creates a lot of noise which adds up to the harmful state of noise pollution. Boilers, generators and conditioners add to the previously established noise pollution. Slowly, unresponsively, we seem to agree to noise and the physiological and psychological wear and tear that accompanies it as an unavoidable element of our lives.

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