Causes Of Pollution

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Pollution is caused by more or less all actions of human beings, either directly or indirectly. Use of mosquito repellent, use of cooking gas, use of detergent, use of pesticides, enterprise of a factory or a hospital or a hostel, generation of power etc. can bring pollution in one form or other. In broader sense, any form of human interference in natural processes can lead us to pollution.

Then, the whole world is full of pollution and there is no safe place left for us to live which means that every human being is affected by pollution constantly. Fortunately, all the pollution is not causing an immediate disaster on human society.

The dangerous effects of pollution are a result of undesirable changes in the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of air, land and water. Pollution can be natural or man-made. The agents or substances that cause pollution are known as pollutants. Pollutants that can be broken down in to simpler compounds by the action of microbes are known as biodegradable pollutants e.g. Agricultural and kitchen waste. Pollutants that do not break down from the action of microbes into simpler compounds are known as Non-biodegradable pollutants. E.g. Pesticides, DDT, plastics aluminum foils etc.

All these issues are very important because some kinds of pollutants are dangerous in the minutest form. Thus such kind of pollution is insignificantly objectionable, costly and irrelevant.

In fact, if pollution of mildest form is sought after to be curbed in any place of world, it becomes vital to slip back to the process of civilization. No scientific advancement is likely and certain use of products cannot be avoided at all as they are important for a clean and healthy living.

This can be illustrated by number of examples from daily household use of products where in usage of detergents causes pollution of water when it enters the soil. Water pollution can lead to complete degradation of soil and the ecological unit and even lead to drinking water pollution. Yet we cannot stop the use of detergents in our house as it is used by every household and is a very important commodity for cleaning River water is contaminated by a waste matter and minor traces can be found in drinking water supply from such river contaminated by human race. We still cannot imagine forbidding ourselves from the use of water for drinking purposes.

The importance and magnitude of the causes of pollution caused varies from situation to situation, place to place and from one situation to another.

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