Causes Of Soil Pollution

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Soil pollution is caused by the existence of man-made chemicals or additional variation in the usual soil environment. This type of infectivity characteristically arises from the rupture of alternative storage links, application of pesticides, and percolation of contaminated surface water to subsurface strata, oil and fuel throwing away, leakage of wastes from landfills or nonstop discharge of industrial wastes to the soil.

A soil pollutant is any feature which deteriorates the excellence, stability and mineral substance of the soil or which disturbs the organic sense of balance of the organisms in the soil. Pollution in soil is coupled with factors such as:

Haphazard use of fertilizers

Soil nutrients are vital for plant growth and development. Fertilizers pollute the soil with impurities. The over use of fertilizers reduce quantity of vegetables and crops grown on soil over the Years. It also reduces the protein content of wheat, maize, etc., grown on that soil. The carbohydrate quality of such crops also gets tainted. Surplus potassium at ease in soil decreases Vitamin C in vegetables and fruits. The vegetables and fruits grown on over fertilized

Use of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides

To kill useless insects living on crops farmers use pesticides. Pesticides not only bring toxic effect on human and animals but also drop off the fertility of the soil.

Dumping of solid wastes

In broad-spectrum, solid waste includes trash, domestic refuse and not needed solid materials such as those from commercial, industrial and agricultural operations. Since a considerable amount of urban solid throw away tends to be paper and food waste, the majority is recyclable or biodegradable in landfills. I the same way, most agricultural waste is recycled and mining waste is left on site.

The segment of solid waste that is dangerous such as oils, battery metals, heavy metals from smelting industries and organic solvents are the ones we have to pay particular attention to.


Soil Erosion occurs when the worn out particles are dislodged and passed away by wind or water. Deforestation, agricultural development, temperature extremes, and human actions add to this erosion. Humans speed up this process by construction, mining, and overgrazing. It results in floods and cause soil erosion.

Forests hold up many habitats and ecosystems, which make available immeasurable feeding pathways or food chains to all species. During the past few years quite a lot of vast green land has been converted into deserts. Deforestation is slowly destroying the most dynamic flora and fauna areas in the human race.

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