What is Chemical Pollution?

Filed Under (Chemical Pollution) by admin on 09-06-2010

As the human population is fast increasing, the human race has become more developed, and chemical wastes have increased dangerously growing each day at high levels in some areas. The ocean, can reduce the effect on some chemical wastes however, as the amounts of chemicals add to, toxins begin to mount up.

Chemical pollution originates from industrial areas as well as anywhere where there are people. Some marine organisms come in contact with these harmful toxins, and these toxins unfavorably affects the marine life and there is a slow down in terms of their population

Oil pollution is another major starting place of environmental harm to the ocean. The thick, sticky oil coats the fine hair on birds, inhibiting flight and the capability of those feathers to protect the bird. The gills of fish become blocked with oil, and the fish choke. Marine mammals’ bodies become coated in oil, and they cannot maintain their body temperatures. Oil coated marine plants cannot get hold of energy from the sun for photosynthesis. Oil may also become attentive in sediments for existence and may become on the brink again in storms.
To further complex this situation, humans in broad-spectrum desire to live near the water. Water provides recreation, a means of transportation, a source of food, and other wealth. Groundwater aquifers, rivers, and streams provide the world with drinking water. These water bodies are too often used for sewage disposal. Access to the water has always been a significant consideration. However, as more people make their home in coastal areas, the problems of water pollution enhance.
Commercial and recreational vehicles try to win for space and property on and in the water. Gas and oil from these vessels may by industrial accident trickle into the water. People swarm beaches and many leave waste behind. Increased structure along the coast leads to greater than before erosion, loss of habitat and more smash up to the coast during storms as the natural shock absorber zone is ruined.

To keep away from chemical pollution man needs to take charge in person of the community environment. Man is the most evolved human being on the planet and by desirable quality of his brainpower and aptitude to revolutionize the natural surroundings; man can produce an environment of his choice and need. What’s your choice?