Control Of Air Pollution

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Our earth is surrounded by air on all sides. It is invisible and the area covered by air is called atmosphere. When the air gets dirty and is unhealthy to breathe it is called as Air pollution. The air gets polluted by the presence of dust particles .Many factors are responsible for air pollution.

Air Pollution can be controlled in the following ways:

The vehicles such as cars, scooters, auto rickshaws, trucks, buses etc that ply on the road are increasing drastically on a day to day basis. All these vehicles run on fuel like diesel or petrol. When the fuel from these vehicles burns in the engine, a lot of harmful smoke is released in the air. In big cities the number of auto vehicles is very high and thus large amount of smoke which is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain and dangerous to the lungs is released. Smoke contains many poisonous gases due which lot of people suffer from dangerous diseases like asthma. It gets difficult for them to breathe. The polluted air even effect’s our eyes and causes irritation.

The emission level of all these auto vehicles should be checked regularly. Strict laws should be imposed to control air pollutions and the guilty should be fined. Old vehicles should be banned as the emission level is very high. Public vehicles like buses and auto rickshaws should be compulsorily made to use compressed natural gas. This fuel causes minimum pollution and this has already been made compulsory in metro cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

There are many factories in cities, which also causes air pollution and emit a lot of harmful gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from the chimneys. They are equally poisonous and harmful to human being and animals. To avoid this, manufacturing units should be located in industrial estates far away from the cities and more over tall chimneys should be used because it reduces the effect of air pollutions to the man kind. Due to the tall chimneys the harmful gases do not come in contact with people and get mixed in clouds.

Waste accumulation also pollutes the air, when people drop filth in open. Many fly and insects breed on them and sit on uncovered food which causes diseases like Diarrhea and Malaria. Sometime people burn waste material, which can be re-use or re-cycled. This practice adds to the problem of air pollution. To avoid this more trees should be planted, so that people get fresh, clean and more Oxygen. Cutting of tree should be completely banned.

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