Effects Of Mining On People And Ways To Curb Them

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Human wealth basically is generated from three sources, agriculture, manufacturing and mineral resources. The complex modern society is built around the exploitation and use of mineral resources. Furthermore modern agriculture and the ability to feed an overpopulated world is dependent on mineral resources to construct the machines that till the soil, enrich it with mineral fertilizers and transport the product

How does mining affect the people?

  • The people who are open to the elements to the poisonous waste from the mines become sick.  They contract skin rashes, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.  In fact, the symptoms of mercury poisoning are very parallel to the symptoms of malaria.  Many people who can not afford to go to a doctor, or who live in a village where a doctor is not easy to get to, are over and over again not treated for their illnesses.
  • If the water is impure, the people can not use it for daily necessities like bathing, cooking, or washing their clothes.
  • If the man of the household is a small scale miner, he often leaves his wife and children in search of work.  This means that the wife and children must work and make food available for themselves.  They must also save themselves from harm from thieves.
  • Theft, drugs/alcohol, prostitution, rape, and sexual ill-treatment are regrettably some of the sound effects of mining.
  • Cultural ruin also occurs in mining villages.  For example, mining time and again destroys sacred sites and cemeteries.   Fishing unfortunately can not take place if the river has been dredged for gold.  Remember, the dislocation of the gravel and mud obstructs the accepted flow of the river.  As a result, fish and other organisms die.

What can we do as global citizens to curb the effects of mining?

  • Make companies who take advantage of emergent countries accountable for their actions.
  • Impose sanctions on products produced by companies who do not mine in environmentally accountable ways.
  • Start talking.  Tell your family members, friends, teachers, and members in your group of people about the sound effects of mining and how jewelry made of gold, silver, and diamonds can be substituted for other metals which are mined in liable ways.
  • Write letters to governments who do not properly pay compensation people who have been affected by toxic waste from mining companies.
  • Spread alertness of this issue by giving out your knowledge.  This is how change occurs.

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