Effects of Noise Pollution

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Noise pollution can unconstructively force disastrous effects on human life. Each and every one knows that noise can be off-putting, and research has proved this in the past. Children who are out in the open to noise are brought in contact into being had to impair reading ability and long-term recall. Those working in loud office environments have been found to be less cognitively motivated, and tend to have higher stress levels.

The most serious problem associated with noise pollution is the disastrous impact it has on our nervous system and perhaps reduces our response to fight back against the drastic pollution. Due to Noise pollution one of its major health effects is chronic stress and the high levels of irritation on the hormones associated with it.

Noise pollution reduces the body’s response to fight against any bodily ailment and has major health effects and it becomes difficult to deal with the high level of stress hormones associated with it.

As a result, noise pollution has also been linked with increasing health problems in the society with life threatening diseases such as heart diseases, high blood pressure and stroke Noise pollution disrupts the sleep pattern of an individual by preventing sleep and troublemaking sleep cycles. And, perhaps most particularly, because, noise pollution is a wide-ranging risk to physical condition and wellness. The ear-piercing noises in most high population cities must in no way be underestimated. The consequences cannot be gauged at an early stage, but its drastic effects can disrupt in the future for sure.

With sustained introduction to loud noise, the momentary hearing failure can become enduring by a destruction of the hair cells. Hearing in the higher pitch range is usually affected first. This often results in a reduction in the clarity of speech, especially in a background of noise. It is easier to hear men, whose voices are deeper, than women and children.

Your first line of defense in disagreement to noise pollution is to do what you can to be in authority of your environment, and limit the noise that enters your breathing space. You can limit environmental noise and blunt the effects of noise pollution if you live in a noisy city or near an airport, you can trim down noise in your home considerably by installing dual-paned windows, weather stripping, and even added padding. As a additional benefit, these changes can also trim down your heating and cooling bills, and help the environment!

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