Environmental Awareness.

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In the last decade the alarm at environmental degradation has reached the crescendo of a battle cry. Issues of conservation of environment and ecological imbalances have led to identifying endangered species threatened by extinction. Tampering with nature has crossed all boundaries today for reasons of commerce.

There are several factors like industrialization, urbanization and commercialization that have led to these issues that are sustainable for central development. One needs to create a congenial balance between technological advancement and the spaces and paces of nature.

In every society, the care and the education of the young is a social responsibility. Socializing the children to adult roles is an instinctual form of learning in multiple domains and layered forms. Children have often voiced their concern for conserving petrol through television advertisements, campaign for green life, avoiding the use of polybags, through many school based programs. We adults too need to take action with responsibility.

Children have the greatest stake in the preservation of the environment and its judicious management for sustainable development as their survival and development depends on it. We borrow environmental capital from future generations with no intention or prospect of repaying .They can damn us for our super thrift ways, but hey can never collect our debt to them. We act as we do because we can get away with it, future generations do not vote, they have no political or financial power, they cannot challenge our decisions. But the results of the present profligacy are presently closing all the options for future generations. Most of the today’s decision makers will be dead before the planet feels the heavier effects of acid rain, global warming, ozone depletion or widespread desertification and species lost. Most of the young voters of today will be still alive when all these disaster’s actually struck.

The key concern is to identify methods and strategies for building a positive relationship with the nature and the natural phenomenon occurrences. For future action it is necessary to comprehend perceptions of nature and conservation of varied forms of life. Besides crisis management societies should have many more traditions expressing their recognition of nature to sustain the interdependence of species as also living in harmony with the splendor of mother earth.

A set of emerging actions for creating appropriate methods to live in a resource sustainable relation can help globally to stay in tangent with the natural physical environment.

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