Environmental Degradation Caused By Railways

Filed Under (Environmental Pollution) by admin on 04-06-2010

The pollution produced by trains is faced by each and every citizen as well as all living & non living organisms in the country. It is a reason of concern and it is abandoned by the in charge authorities without bothering for the physical condition of the citizens.

Railways have provided a very good transportation facility for the commuters since more than 100 years in India and it has reached to every one and every part of the countryside. It is really extremely noticeable. One thing which should have been well thought-out is the worsening of the neighboring environment from where these trains pass. It is causing grave destruction to the villages, towns, mountains etc by means of a very unhygienic environment to inhale. It is a nature of pollution, which is seen by one and all, felt its unpleasant odors at every station and every where in environment.

Railways are adding to the already existing pollution in the environment, as they do not contain a system to collect the sewage that passes from the train directly in to the open.

The faecal matter excreted by the passenger is flushed from the train directly into the open air. The birds and flies sit on it and the contaminated matter sticks on their legs and when these flies and birds sit on uncovered food or when they land on houses or water resources like rivers and lakes, it further pollutes the air. The matter further contaminates the air and the neighboring places where the fragmented matter is left in to smaller particles.

Hence the air gets contaminated and harms the environment as well as all the species I the environment.  To avoid these pollution railways need to develop a technology to collect the sewage in the collection pipe below the WC’s of every toilets and throwing away of the same at the stations, where provisions of chambers are made, which are then collected by the Municipal drains of that particular city’s system. This will help the surroundings inside the station in good physical shape, odorless, aesthetic view, good looking and save everyone from feeling embarrassed when the train passes the platforms or when a commuter travels in it.

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