Environmental Threats.

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Man has made improvement all over the world and this growth and advancement has endangered the environment in which man is living. Man lay down factories and big industries. The end result is that big cities came into life form and these cities have to provide accommodation to millions of people for the reason that they work in these factories.

This place to stay of large people in towns proved expensive to man. The forests were cleared; the trees were cut down to open new industries. They helped in making the environment dirt free and pure. They caused rain also. Now large areas are being rehabilitated into desert owing to the shortage of water. These are droughts and floods. Not only man but natural world also suffers. Man did not only make dirty the air he has also stained the river water. The waste materials of the industries and factories are thrown into the rivers as a result making the water contaminated. It affects the animals which drink the water of the rivers. When forests were cleared, the cattle were left to graze in the open fields. These animals transform the grassy land into the sandy lands. Industries and factories give off out smokes and gases. These things make the surroundings so bad that it becomes hard to breathe in the open atmosphere.

Our duty is to tell each person not to toss waste in the water but in the dustbins and to cover up the food and sweets as it should be so that flies do not stray on it. We should make banners and posters to show everyone. “Proper covering of the food will help to keep up healthy lifestyle” and “Throw your throw away material in the dustbin” We should tell each and every person not to cut the trees for it will make our earth more polluted. Not only adult’s children too ought to realize this problem and help to get to the bottom of this threat and promote solutions to pull off a green earth and a pollution free life.

So dear friends from now onwards each person should try to safeguard all the natural resources and try our best to productively help in making the environment clean and pure. In fact there would be need left to deal with the problem if each one of us starts thinking of eco-friendly unconventional ways of doing things. If practical steps are taken up sincerely we can look forward to to make some dent in the materialistic orientation of today’s world.

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