Man And Nature-Then And Now

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As part of environmental awareness it is interesting to get a glimpse of the history of man and nature. This will help you to see how man alone is the cause for the dangers that environmental interference has led us to. Earliest man depended on nature to help them survive with food and shelter. So they loved mother earth as goddess earth or Bhoomi mata. They also worshipped the forces of nature –fire, air, rain, the ocean, the sun and the planets.

Ancient races from Indians of the Vedic age to the Native American Indians believed in the unity of man, nature and god. They looked on a supreme god as the creator of all the beauty and power of nature. They believed that the mother earth was the body of the supreme lord. So they lived in great harmony with nature, respecting all forms of life.

Early Indians lived in forests that sheltered them from the suns and storms and gave them food, fuel for fire and building materials. Thus our civilization was born in the forests of our country. Our forefathers were bathed, fed, clothed and brought up by Mother Nature. Later on mighty empires came up but we always remember that our first in our native land was Mother Nature.

The western idea about nature has changed considerably in the last few centuries. We have began to think only of ruling the forces of nature. The west has come to believe that we live in a hostile world where everything has to be conquered and what man needed has to be forcefully taken from nature.

Indians thought of themselves as a part of nature. But the western idea is that the nature only includes lower beings like plants and animals and that man is separate from nature and superior.

So civilizations all our world began to cut down forests, clear valleys and change the course of rivers to make mighty empires. Science advanced and man’s conquest of nature grew. Cement jungles called cities came up everywhere.

But men were so busy showing their power that they did not realize that they were not only destroying nature but also destroying precious things that are important for human life on our planet like pure air and protective layers in the atmosphere that screen out harmful rays from the sun helping us to receive only the good rays, clean water, rain, forest and good food crops.

Suddenly all over the world people began to realize that something was going wrong in a big way. It began to rain less in various parts of the world. This happened because man had been destroying thousands of acres of forests for years. Today the very existence of the earth is threatened by problems of pollution of various kinds. We made the problem. Therefore we should correct it because only we can.

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