Man’s Responsibility To Conserve The Ecosystem

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Man owes accountability to his upcoming generation to safeguard natural history for a no of reasons:

1. Ecological value: All living creatures depend on each other for food and continued existence. If man’s going-on interferes with the nature’s systems, organisms will be wiped out and this will have grave implications on pollination, reproduction, decomposition etc.

2. Economic Value: If forests are wiped out many uncommon and precious species of plants, which have significant remedial value, may be nowhere to be found forever. Forest and wilderness areas also make available facilities for eco-tourism. Man must conserve these areas of picturesque beauty for himself and for the upcoming generation

3. Aesthetic and Ethical Value: Traditions, rituals and spiritual practices of many countries, on the whole India, hold in the highest regard various aspects of nature, including certain animals, birds and plants. Hinduism has a deep spiritual association with forests and sacred mangroves. Man must respect these traditions from the artistic point of view. Although he considers himself to be a ‘super consumer’ it is morally wrong of man to abuse nature’s free gifts. It is ethically wrong of man to abuse nature’s free gifts to him without conserving them for future generations.

Suggestions which may help in maintaining the ecological balance:

· Afforestation should be encouraged by planting additional trees.

· To stop the over-exploitation of the wooded area by government contractors for resin, medicinal herbs, timber, etc., there should be an overall ban on cutting of trees on mountain slopes and in catchment’s areas.

· Instead of big dams, small dams and hydro-electric power stations can be constructed. For a very small village a hydro-electric generator can be installed in the water mill.

· Promote horticulture and small-scale industry in the region, which will make available job opportunities to the local people.

· Promote sulabh sauchalaya and bio-gas plants for recycling eco-friendly material. To reduce the pressure of the growing population on natural wealth, they should be provided LPG gas, kerosene oil, and solar cookers.

· Precautionary measures have to be taken to keep away from the chances of forest fires.

  • There should be a test out on quarrying, mining and blasting operations.
  • Efforts should be made to expand more hill stations as tourist centers in the region to steer clear of the overcrowding of tourists in the well-known hill stations.


Any kind of enlargement should be in accord with the surroundings, and renewable resources like ground water and forests should be used at a speed at which they are being replenished by environment

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