Pollution Caused By Mining

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Mining is the taking out of natural resources and metals from earth.  Manganese, copper, tin, aluminum ore, iron ore, gold, silver, and diamonds are just some examples of what is mined. Mining is a capital making business.  Not only do mining companies show a profit, but governments also put together money from revenues.  Workers also receive earnings and profit.

Minerals and metals are very expensive possessions.  For example, manganese is a key constituent of low-cost stainless steel.   Cooper and tin are used to make pipes, cookware, etc.  And gold, silver, and diamonds are used to make jewelry.

Mining is generally very grave to the environment.  It is one of the main causes of deforestation.  In order to mine, trees and vegetation are vacant and burned.  With the ground completely bare, large scale drawing out operations uses gigantic bulldozers and excavators to haul out the metals and minerals from the soil.   This pollution contaminates all living organisms within the body of water and in due course the people who depend on the fish for their main source of protein and their money-making source of revenue.

Miners use a generator to dig a outsized hole in the ground.  They use a high strain hose to expose the gold-bearing layer of sand and clay.  The gold bearing slurry is pumped into a wash box, which collects gold particles, while mine tailings flow into either a neglected mining pit or nearby forest.  These pools create a reproduction ground for mosquitoes and other water-borne insects.  Malaria and other water-borne diseases increase drastically whenever open pools of water are in close proximity.

The miners with the use a hydraulic suction hose dig the gravel along the river.  In the process of collection of gold the unwanted garbage is collected on felt mats.  The remaining gravel, mud, and rocks get discharged into the river.  This creates problems for the river.  The displaced gravel and mud disturb the natural flow of the water in the river.  The marine life gets completely destroyed. Due to the growing demand for minerals the mining of the earth’s natural resources is therefore accelerating and has lead to environmental effluence on an enormous scale.

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