Promote Conservation To Avoid Pollution

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Conversation is the process of maintenance and judicious of natural resources of the earth by human-beings. The earth’s resources include forest, soil, minerals, water, wildlife and air. The welfare of man is dependent on his ability to utilize the earth’s resources. Human beings are the most intelligent and dominating species of the earth. Man uses the earth’s resources for his basic needs and physical comforts.

Due to the advancement in science and technology, the utilization of natural resources of the earth by human beings has increased by about 100 times over the last 200 years. The over-utilization of natural resources and over-population has disturbed the entire eco system. It has created problems like shortage of minerals, potable water, clean air and safe food. This is going to be a serious threat to the very existence of all living beings on mother earth in the times to come. So the need of the hour is to conserve our natural resources before it is too late.

Air is the number one life support. One can’t survive without air. It is essential for breathing and for burning. Conservation of air mainly prevents pollution and this is possible by afforestation to some extend because trees are air purifiers. Next to air water is most important for the survival of life on earth. With the growth in world population, the demand for water has increased many folds so we should conserve water and use it economically. Construction of dams and reservoirs and rain water harvesting can help you avoid water pollutions.

Soil is an important land source as it support plants the primary producers. Afforestation, prevention of overgrazing and construction of dams are some of the measures of conversation of soil. Forest also maintains the ecological balance on the earth. The upkeep of forest is called forest conversation.

The indiscriminate killing of animals has resulted in large scale reduction of wild life resources. So affords to be made to conserve it. Therefore hunting regulations and establishments of national park and wild life centuries are the means to conserve wild life. Minerals such as coal and petroleum are non-renewable naturally occurring substances found inside the earth. They should be conserved by prohibiting the wastage by recycling, repair and reuse. To conclude by educating people about conservation of resources better result can be obtained. Then and only then can we dream of survival on the earth.

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