Promotion Of Renewable Resources.

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Resources can be classified into two types: renewable and non-renewable. The renewable resources can be generated continuously in nature and are inexhaustible, e.g., wind, water, sun etc.

We must look out for alternative power resources. Among these is the sun, wind biogas and tides which are available and are sources of renewable energy. They score over the conventional sources of energy and are inexhaustible and pollution free.

Wind and running water, as sources of energy, were in use long before the conventional sources of energy like coal, oil, mineral and natural gas came to be used by the masses. Wind and running water were being used for navigation. Wind mills were used for pumping water and for grinding grains. Such sources of energy are known as alternative sources of energy which include biogas, solar energy, windmills, atomic energy, tidal energy and geo thermal energy.

The alternative sources of energy are always very environment friendly and are not at all highly polluting. This turns out to be an important factor for sustained economic growth.

Use of petroleum and gas is an added source of pollution for our environment. Coal produced by mining also produces dust particles in the air and moreover mining and handling is a hazardous job.

Fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal damage the ozone layer and also pose danger to human settlements. The prime advantage of using energy from renewable resources are that they are easily available and has a never ending supply .Renewable energy can be locally produced and the cost of distribution involved too is very low and above all they do not cause any harm to the pollution.

Some of the technologies being used today are not environment friendly and tend to create many environmental hazards. By using the renewable sources of energy the goods produced can be reused and the goods can be recycled. Therefore we need to take in to consideration and promote alternate technology resources in which environmental considerations are integrated into the product being made and used.

In the process of engineering the design and integrating the product optimization of energy and material consumption and conservation and reuse of the earth’s resources should be the major concern. Environment belongs to each one of us and therefore all of us have a responsibility to contribute towards its conservation and protection

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