Steps To Be Taken To Protect The Urban Ecology

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Problems arising due to the neglect of natural environment can be dealt with at various levels. There are things that you can do at individual or household level. Then there are things that can be done collectively at the community level. There are things which have to be addressed at the government level.

Steps that you can take at an individual or household level:

1. Insist that vehicles in your house have regular check ups for pollution.

2. Never wash vehicles with running water, instead use a bucket.

3. Do not pave your house front. Allow grass and shrubs to grow. It will keep your environment less hot.

4. If your near and dear ones are constructing a house, insist on a water harvesting technique to be built in.

5. Switch off fans and lights when not in use.

6. If you are going to buy electronic items buy such brands that are less damaging to the environment.

Steps that you can take at a community level:

1. Children from a colony can urge their parents to install a common vermicomposting system for handling garbage dumps, which are places that harbor diseases. By segregating your garbage you can do away with your colonies garbage dump by composting the biodegradable and recycling the nondegradable.

2. People traveling to the same office or locality can have car pools or still better use a public transport.

3. Avoid wastage of paper. Recycle used paper.

Steps that you can take at a government level:

1. Write letters in large numbers to ministers demanding clear river, clean air and so on. Insist that they spend public money on say water treatment plants rather than on avoidable beautification schemes.

2. Diesel generators are now commonly used for lighting hoardings at bus stops. This results in a lot of sound and air pollution. Write to the companies and government that they have to install solar powered illumination rather than diesel generators.

Finally for many problems there may not be immediate solutions. But solutions and alternatives emerge only when we question our present way of doing things. Solutions will never emerge if we keep doing things in the same old destructive ways. Just complaining never helps. It only promotes a cynical attitude.

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