Social And Individual Initiatives For Environmental Protection

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Environment protection is not the responsibility of the government alone. All sections of the society have to participate in this endeavor. The role of every individual in environmental protection is of great importance because if every individual contributes substantially the effect will be visible not only at the community, city state or national level but also at the global level. It is ultimately the society that suffers due to environmental degradation.

Therefore the society has to play an important role in maintaining environmental standards. It is the responsibility of each individual to protect the earth and provide conducive environment for itself and innumerable other species which evolved on the earth. Each individual should change his or her lifestyle in such a way as to reduce environmental pollution.

If air and water resources in the area are unfit and do not meet the acceptable standards, the people of the area can organize themselves and force the responsible agencies to take necessary action. If suitable action is not forthcoming they can under the laws of the land, file a public interest litigation and can get their problems solved.

Society is made of individuals together. So it is the duty of each individual to see that his/her actions do not pollute the environment. Each individual must use paper or cloth bags instead of polythene. Use of eco-friendly products and CFC free refrigerators can help control pollution.

Groups of individuals together can make a huge difference in maintaining environmental standards. For example, group housing societies can initiate steps for waste management by making provisions for segregating wastes, taking measures for recycling wastes like making compost pits etc. They can also take measures for reducing the use of electricity and finding alternative sources of energy.

Saving electricity by not wasting it when it is not required because electricity saved is electricity generated without polluting the environment. For example, put on warm clothes rather than switching on a heater.

Air pollution especially vehicular pollution can be minimized by adopting car pool method. This will also save large amounts of money spend on importing petroleum from other countries. Adopting and popularizing renewable energy sources and promoting reuse and recycling wherever possible will help reduce the production of waste.

Societies can play a significant role in environmental protection by creating awareness and educating people about the need to conserve and manage natural resources. Social and individual consciousness if carefully graded is a step to transformation.

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