Type Of Pollution

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Contamination of air is called Air pollution. When poisonous gases or smoke is added in the air, it becomes polluted. The air gets polluted also by the presence of dust particles. There are several other reasons which lead to air pollution. Many vehicles ply on the roads each day. All vehicles need some fuel to run like diesel or petrol. When this fuel burns in the engine, large amount of smoke is released ion the air. Smoke contains poisonous gases and is very harmful to us and may cause asthma or irritation in eyes.

Many people tend to throw waste in the open and this leads to foul smell. Many flies and insects breed on them and may cause diseases like diarrhea or malaria. Many factories in the cities have tall chimneys which let out lot of harmful smoke and this harmful smoke released in the air contains many poisonous gases and is very harmful to us and is a major cause of air pollution.

Water is the basis of all life on earth. It is available in seas, rivers, lakes and ground water. The ground water is the major source of drinking water It is found beneath the surface of the earth and is also required by farmers to irrigate fields.

Water is polluted by many activities of man. Sewage is the major factor of water pollution. The waste material released from the toilets flows through the sewage. Sometimes this sewage is released into the river. The water thus gets polluted. The industries or factories also release their sewage. It is called industrial sewage and contains many poisonous things. When this sewage is released in to the rivers or lakes it kills all the marine life and sometimes poisonous sewage is released in pits It percolated down and joins the ground water which we drink All these activities cause water pollution.

Soil is the loose material found on the surface of the earth. It is formed when rocks are broken into pieces. The soil provides many nutrients to plants and farmers grow crops in soil. When farmers spray insecticides like DDT to kill insects these poisonous insecticides mix with the soil and pollute it.

Soil erosion is a serious problem nowadays. It means the removal of soil. It is caused by the cutting of trees and when trees are cut the soil particles become loose and are further carried away by wind or running water. On the whole soil pollution on this earth is a harmful agricultural practice and in turn aggravates pollution.

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