What Is Environmental Pollution?

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Environmental pollution is defined as any undesirable change in physical, chemical and biological characteristics of air, land and water. Pollution can be natural as well as man-made. The agents or substances that cause pollution are known as pollutants.

Environmental problem is known to exist in developed as well as developing countries and the problem is gradually growing day by day since the onset of industrial revolution. Population explosion and urbanization have made excess use of natural resources and natural wealth and have resulted in nature’s dreadful conditions.

The developments and the technical progress in the Industrial revolution have led to increased harmful effects by pollution on the surroundings. The discovery of oil and its universal use all through the country is a noted fact that natural resources have been stored practically unharmed in the earth’s crust from decades ago.

Due to advancement in man’s knowledge, man started cutting down forests for construction of buildings for making paper and for growing food like food grains and oilseeds. Since then all the waste accumulated during the course of construction of these buildings has caused serious damages in pollution and in depletion of natural resources.

Combustion of fuels has been far and wide recognized as the major cause of air pollution. There are other forms of natural resources too which are a cause of grave concern in terms of hazardous pollution environmentally. Fossil fuels are undoubtedly a major cause of environmental pollution and its effects that can occur on the environmental pollution have been quite often underestimated.

Pollution is causing a lot of harm to human and animal health, plants and trees as well as the wider environment and has harshly affected the entire ecosystems and has disrupted the marine life in lakes and streams and has in major effect cause depletion of the natural flora and fauna.

Our earth has provided us with so many natural resources. Air water and soil are all important for life on earth. It is our sole responsibility to conserve these resources existing on earth and environmentally most important for all the people across the masses. Any kind of degradation or defacing spoils the environment harshly.

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